Our first wireless power transfer demo

 Experimental setup

  WPT experimental setup

 Automated Testing

  3-axis platform for testing the effects of coil gap and alignment.

 Charging Test

  WPT system tested on a vehicle.

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A brief description of the project

WPT system tested on a vehicle

Driven by the automotive industry and the government to develop environmentally friendly high-efficient transportation, Electric Vehicle (EV) use is growing for consumers and businesses alike. Wireless power transfer is a promising technique to make possible a simple and convenient method for charging EVs. Wireless charging can be implemented on or below the ground with no street equipment, eliminating the risk of vandalism, degradation of electrical connections, and safety concerns associated with using plug-in charging.

Wireless charging holds the promise to solve the battery problem of EVs, as nowadays battery is the primary obstacle to a wide-spread application of EVs.